Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video and photos from "Days of Live Archeology"

On July 9th I visited Kernavė and took photos and videos from festival "Days of Live Archeology".

All photos are posted to my Lithuanian blog and I'm not going to repost them here. If you want to see them please go here. The video is uploaded to YouTube, so you can watch it below. Sorry, but the quality is really bad, because I don't have a normal video camera and filmed everything with my Nokia 5230 mobile phone.

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First post

Hi everyone!!!

I'm opening an English version of my blog. I'm not going to write long articles here, because I don't want to spend time rewriting posts from Lithuanian blog. I'll use this place for sharing photos/videos/links that are interesting to me and, I hope, will be interesting to you too.

If you're Lithuanian and want to read my main blog, please visit it here and follow me on Lithuanian twitter profile @bernex. If you're not, then please follow me on English profile @bernexEN and also keep looking for updates in this blog. Thanks :)